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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


So many words just floating around,
like spectres on the prowl.
Pick a handful and see what's there,
Slowly open the fingers son none will escape.
The one that gets away may be the one you want.

Make sentences out of the floating words:
paragraphs, essays, and books. The
choices are unlimited: the words are free.
If there is one you do not want--
turn it loose.
It may be the one I need.
By: Mary Jo Holder 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Now It Doesn't Matter

Now It Doesn't Matter
An orb of iridescent light
striding off into the dark of night
Glances down at the spots on the
ebony cloak it has donned tonight.    

Some specks of cosmic dust is all,
so small as not to matter.
No time to pause and flick them off,
It will have to wait til later.

Each insignificant little speck,
in it's own elliptical path, felt
smug in thinking it the leader.
The atmosphere around their world
neglected for so long
was to be their biggest downfall
The cloak is shook, the specks are gone.
Now it doesn't matter.
By: Mary Jo Holder

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cracked Window

The Cracked Window

He peered through the grimy,cracked window.
The cracks--an intricate spiderweb pattern,
let him view the world through many eyes,
each view distorted and no two views the same.
The same scene-- different perspective.

His view dulled by the grime on the window,
colored his world a washed-out array of
water colors. Once vivid and new--now a
hazy, smudge in his eyes.
The same scene -- different perspectives.
By: Mary Jo Holder

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yoda's word for the day

Yoda's word for the day

Calm is the way of the force,
peace is the way of it is,
always in motion, completing its course,
perfection is the goal of this spirit.
Learning its will, waiting until
the force speaks, the mind is but an ear,
looking not back, but forward, be still,
for your ally is here, do not fear,
love is the way of it, always one is harmony.
Together are they, do you not see?
Can they walk together unless they agree?
Use the force, take hold of your destiny.
Consider the force as the door to eternity.

Darryl William Crawford

Monday, February 1, 2010

Alpha Rhythm

Alpha Rhythm

As the two become one
Together counting every season
In a give and take relation
Living life to the maximum
Like dedicated musicians
We rehearse every session
With only one intention
To behold every reason
Love is the highest invitation
Much stronger than emotion
Much deeper than thee ocean
Nothing can top love's expression

Darryl William Crawford

Sunday, January 31, 2010



A moment of silence, 
no need for
a hand stretched forth,
without judgment of course. 

There is no
place for pride, 
where a friend resides,
some secrets are shared, 
to only those
ones who care. 

Love is the evidence, 
so we can not pretend this pre-tense, 
a movement of the soul,
each desiring to make each whole. 

Forgiveness is nothing new, 
this isbound to keep us true. 

A cry is never a surprise, 
when you realize your true prize,
that you have a friend, 
who loves without
end. How do you know who is your friend?

TIME will tell you, 

Truth comes out boldly, 
on any topic with friends, 
knowing that their secrets are kept inside. 

Lies appear when fear is present. 
True friends FEAR NOT, 
this is our evidence.

Saturday, January 30, 2010



"There were two frogs.
Planned to enter a dwelling,
In quest of some eatables.
There was a big milk vessel,
In front of the rear door,
Of that sweet home.
The houseowner was waiting for,
The fermentation of the boiled milk,
Inside the vessel.
Both the frogs,
Being unaware of this,
Just jumped into the vessel.
The first one decided,
Its very arduous to escape,
And died without proper breathe.
But the second frog had the grit,
To fight against,
As far as possible.
By its frequent shake of the vessel,
Fermentation quickly happened,
And the butter floated on the vessel’s top.
The frog just sat on the butter,
Came to the vessel’s top,
And,atonce jumped out. "

Friday, January 29, 2010

Times of the Essence

Time’s of the Essence

Concrete surroundings, completely entombed
Try to make it past, the impending doom

Nothing left but my thoughts
Time graciously given, not sought

Waiting for my freedom
Consuming the lack of wisdom

You’ve learned your lesson
Life’s not a simple session

It’s the price you pay
To sit in jail day after day

Think about your actions,
Your last main attractions

Or inmate for sure,
For now, but never more

Jail Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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Thursday, January 28, 2010



Once upon a time,I was alone on a train journey.
Initially,i felt tough.

But, i sang a song of my own,
To get rid of being alone,

With the aid of my ringtone!
Later,I got a friend,
To love till my end,
Who never allow my heart to bend,

Whom the God has sent !
Then only I realised,
The Journey of life.

It may be too short or long,
We may reach the destination,
Or meet with an accident
In between!

The most interesting journey,
In which,we don’t know,
What happens in the next moment,
Is nothing,but life!

Our money and property,
Wont come,till our destination!
Our eminent laptops and mobiles,

Works better,even without us!
Our beauty and pride,
Dies,even before us.

We must know the magic,
To love every moment,like a kid,
To adore,even the foe,
And to award a pleasingsmile,
For our hardships!

Has given us ticket,
Called “Birth”,
To travel in a train,
Named “Life”,
Only to love and dig every second.

But not to sit in a corner
At tuff times.
Rather,we must learn,
To smile at the trouble!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



It was my fault,
To expect my parents,
To bring me up in the way,
In which I love to live!

It was my blunder,
To expect my pets,
To play with me in the custom,
In which I prescribe them!

It was my mistake,
To expect my friends,
To share with me everything,

Which I do with them!
It was my flaw,
To expect my society,
To behave in an adjusting manner,
In which I am accustomed to!

But,now I decided,
To adjust with them all,
Not only to earn their love,
But also to know myself!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Road

Long Road

Smell of freedom still in my mind
I’ll use this time to sit back & unwind

Certainly not visible what the future will hold
I know when I get out it’s sure to be cold

I missed my birthday & surely Halloween
But I’ll be home for the thanksgiving scene

It’s only September 12, some time to go
Use my time wisely, and got some writing to show

I talked to my mother, the first time in a while
She told me she missed me and that made me smile

Can’t wait to go to her & see new things
Have a mess of sodas and grub on some wings

Jail Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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Monday, January 25, 2010



"You bloom with the sun's rays,
And looks very cute,
The bees feed on you,
As you are very sweet.

You then goes to the ,
Deep hairs of a lady.

But,you die in the eve,
As your colour and you too fade.

You cute flowers,
you were the queens of the world,
Who rules this world,
Just a day !!"

Sunday, January 24, 2010



What is this life?
Very fussy and hasty !

Human fails to splash-out,
With the astounding elegance of Nature !

What is this life ?
Very cruel and evil !

Human fails to lookafter ,
The Assets of the beloved Nature !

Alas..! Look at the destiny..!
Human are the devil ,
Who kills the Treasure of Nature,
Which gives Pleasure to them!

You Chirpy Nature,
I promise you,
I will make this Mankind,
Feel your fondness for them…!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drizzling Rain


 Once on a Cloudy day ,
With the choppy thunder ,
And with the flashing Lightning ,

I saw you …I saw you….
Once on a Muddy day ,
With the sandy scent ,
And with the tapping windows ,

I felt you….I felt you….
But , On a Sunny day ,
With the prickly climate ,
And with the itching sweat ,

I missed you….I missed you….
YOU Drizzling Rain !
Whenever I feel alone,
You fell down here,
To cheer me up !

 By: R.AARTHIKA From India

Friday, January 22, 2010

True Love


Love is like,
The air we breathe,
Can never be taken back !

Love is like,
The time that passes away,
The sweet-thing cannot happen again !

Love is like,
The mighty ocean,
Which gives lives to many !

Love is like,
The boundless blue sky,
The start and end cannot  be ascertained !

Love is like,
Our Mother  Nature,
Cares for us,with no perks in return !

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't Worry


"When it portly rains,
Don't worry!

Your Friend is there,
To hold your umbrella...!

When its late in the night,
Don't worry!

Your Buddy is there,
To show you a torch-light...!

When trouble troubles you,
Don't worry!

Your Mate is there,
To trouble the trouble...!

When someone makes you cry,
Don't worry!

Your Pal is there,
To wipe your tears...!

When anyone deny to lend you an ear,
Don't worry!

Your Comrade is there,
To care and share...!

When "Death" approaches you,
Don't worry!

Your Ally is there,
To make it "dead"...! "

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Kingpin


Coming all to my golden ways,
Is your duty,
Not only in my kip-time,
But also in my day-time.

The golden sun rises daily,
But won't come at night. 
You always be in the sky,
To save and protect me.

You Kind Moon !
Don't forget to come towards me,
In my kip-time.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Can Recollect



I can recollect,That miserable day,

When many had become the prey, 
For the hungry tsunami waves !

On that early morning,

Instead of singing sweetly,
Many sparrows mourned,
To express their sorrow !

I too can recollect,

That tragic noon,
When the marvelous Mumbai,
Had become mournful Mumbai !

The passengers awaiting for their train,

In the Chatrapathi Railway station,
Had reached,
The permanent destination called,"Death" !

We cannot do anything,

With the former natural calamity,
We can only just,
Love and protect the nature !

"But,we can fight against,
The latter,cruel terrorism,
Which has no religion,
But,kills people of all region !"

Monday, January 18, 2010



"When everyone discouraged me,
You discovered faith within me!

When everyone tortured me,
You showed a torch-light on my path!

When everyone back-stabbed me,
You stood as my backbone!

When everyone tested my ability,
You trained me accordingly!

When everyone knocked me down,
You guided me to achieve my goal!

Whenever I dreamt about “grave yard”,
You changed it as ” sculptures “ !

You Lusty Friend,
I can never face failure,
Till you are near! "

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dark Side

Dark Side

I hate the way you are, the way that you walk
Don’t need a reason to cut your tongue, prevent you to talk

I’m a mean mother you have no clue
I’ll bust up your mouth leave you barely to chew

You don’t know me, I’m not your friend.
My guns drawn, just around the bend

I’m the most feared foe of all
Break your knees, leave you to crawl

I’m the worst person to have around
I’ll cut off your fingers, let them lay on the ground

Just when you don’t expect anymore
I’ll slit you up, bleeding crimson on the floor

Don’t leave me a choice to mess with you
I’ll leave you in pain, and this is true

Dissect your brains, eat them like a cannibal
Can’t you see, I’m a ferocious animal

Take a minute before you judge
I’m the last person you’d want to nudge

I’ll come swinging back like a renegade
Just to cut you in half like a samurai blade.

Horror Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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Friday, January 15, 2010



"Away from the polluted landscape,
Parallel to the eternal blue sky,
Inside the deep mighty ocean,
We started our lives !

Like that of mortal humans,
We don't have any caste or criteria.
We don't have any religion or region.
We don't have any battle for languages!

These mortals attacks the terrorists,
Who enters their country,
To abase the Nation,
Or to kidnap great Leaders !

But,we dont have,
Any rivolvers or riffles,
To kill these humans,
Who slay us down for bread !

There are many to weep,
For the death of humans,
But, who is there?
To weep for our frequent disaster !

We too have kith and kin,
Just like the mortal society,
Who are Bumped-off by them for research

Just for the sake of name and fame !
Hey, human society,
Please allow us to live,
With all our fellow species,
Giving the marine back to us !"


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing Without You


My days without you,
Are passing clouds!

My nights without you,
Are demon’s skyscapes!

My dreams without you,
Are dusky evils!

My mind without you,
Is an anguish amnesia!

My life without you,
Is a devil’s paradise!

My ambition without you,
Is an impossible destination!

My age without you,
Is a miserable curse!

My friendship without you,
Is a sunken-ship!

On the whole,”me”without you,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



"I am so glad,
To enter the planet earth,
To see my parents,
And,to play with brothers and sisters..!

I am so blessed,
To live in planet earth,
To get Nature’s care,
And,to admire stars from my terrace..!

I am so pleased,
To enjoy in planet earth,
To play with my pets,
And,to get a ride on those cattle..!

Alas! am in dismal,
To get into planet earth,
Afraid of those heartless doctors,
Who end our lives,before the birth..!! "

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shadow Preacher

Shadow Preacher

I met this guy who I dubbed the “Shadow Preacher”
He was very wise and also a good teacher

He was one with God, the ultimate contender 

I Listen to his words, he was a smart mentor

He’s been down the road I’m about to travel
I heeded his wisdom, to help unravel

He showed me the choices in front of me
Exclaims “Take your time & choose wisely”

By the way time is on your side
Read some scriptures, and in God confide

Learn a great lesson, take it to heart
For jail is a dreaded place, you’ll soon depart

I always keep in mind the words of the preacher
After all he was just trying to be my teacher.

Jail Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Endless Torture

Endless Torture

Stuck in a small room not knowing your future
Moved from place to place in a mindless torture

Friends you make along the way
Some set free to go on and play

Others put in dinghy  holes
Life ahead, full of plenty tolls

Rounding the next corner, you hope for the end
Just to find out you’ll be confined again

The corridors are all small and cold
The paint on the walls, over forty years old

Of to the final spot
Where given three hots and only a cot
After all, this will be your final plot

Jail Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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Sunday, January 10, 2010



Sometimes I go a little ballistic
A couple notches past twisted, mad and sadistic

I swing my bat at the top of my game
Hit you in the head leave you, breathless in pain

Conscious and aware now, you reach for the phone
I break your are, feel the crack of the bone

I have to reason or shame for the attack
The room begins to spin and go black

My heart beats so hard, thumping and booming
My mind a blur, don’t know what I’m doing

Take out a knife and begin to slash
Crimson spills to the floor as I twist and thrash

Screw mind over matter, I’m crazy and psycho
The temperature of my blood, seventy below

I’ve turned into a cold blooded killer
Want to feel my wrath? Make it a thriller?

Horror Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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Saturday, January 9, 2010



"I haven’t seen the fiery rays of sun,
But, saw it in your magnetic eyes !

I haven’t felt the cool gust of moon,
But,felt it in your zig-zag breathe !

I haven’t seen the flowers budding,
But,saw it in your glossy smile !

I haven’t seen “beauty” so far,
But,realised it is “you” obviously !

I haven’t felt the astounding feelings of love,
But,felt it when am alone without you ! "

Friday, January 8, 2010



” Everyday,I wake up from siesta,
 Only after your cordial touch!

Everyday,I get into work,
 Only at your presence!

 My amusement lies nowhere,
 But on tip of your thumb!

Your warm touch on me,
 Makes you remit yourself!

You have rest on Sundays,
 But I work everyday,
 Just  for your recreation ”
 Told my tv-remote,
 To me in a romantic voice!"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

God’s Gift

God’s Gift

"GOD hasn’t given me,
A Magical scale,
 To measure your beauty !

GOD hasn’t donated me,
Wings like a bird,
To fly at your garden !

GOD hasn’t granted me,
Horns like a bull,
To knock your enemies down !

GOD hasn’t  awarded me,
Birth like a bee,
To consume your honey smile !

GOD hasn’t provided me,
Birth like eye-lashes,
To protect your stunning eyes !

GOD hasn’t blessed me,
To come as rain,
To touch and play with you !

But, GOD has Gifted me,
       A Kind Heart,
       Only to care about you !"



I write this poem in acknowledgment of my mother
The one who will always show me love like no other

She’s always been there through thick & thin
Bloods thicker than water, no matter where you've been

When everyone leaves and turns their backs
It’s time to change your ways, time to switch tracks

Ma Dukes is the one who showed me the way
She gave me a second chance, to be here today

A mothers love is something special
It has no strings and is never conditional

Never forget that no matter what you do
Your mother will always be there, to comfort you

With out her, who knows where I’d be
She showed me the door, and gave me the key

Turn the page, start a new chapter
I look forward to her love every day after

Your mother is more than a friend
She’ll be there with you until the end

A different kind of love, the love of a mother
I hope my mom knows how much I love her

Love Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Dinners for Sinners

Dinners For Sinners

I wake up every morning at five thirty
Not because I’m grimy or dirty

But because the man yells chow
It’s not even food, but hell I’ll eat it now

Then after I eat I’ll go back to sleep
I wish I could do so for at least a week

Next time for I will wake, it not to be opposite a steak
But a shitty shank tray, with out even some cake

A little while longer, I sit, read and ponder
I wait to eat some more and let my mind wander

So here comes the last meal of the day
I wish the cooks to be fired, sent far away

For the food is utterly disgusting
Later to be on the toilet ass a busting

After sitting on the royal throne
I’ll try to go to sleep as I did once at home

This IS the life of an inmate
So value you life, don’t break your plate

Jail Poetry
By: Gregory Smitheman

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