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Saturday, January 30, 2010



"There were two frogs.
Planned to enter a dwelling,
In quest of some eatables.
There was a big milk vessel,
In front of the rear door,
Of that sweet home.
The houseowner was waiting for,
The fermentation of the boiled milk,
Inside the vessel.
Both the frogs,
Being unaware of this,
Just jumped into the vessel.
The first one decided,
Its very arduous to escape,
And died without proper breathe.
But the second frog had the grit,
To fight against,
As far as possible.
By its frequent shake of the vessel,
Fermentation quickly happened,
And the butter floated on the vessel’s top.
The frog just sat on the butter,
Came to the vessel’s top,
And,atonce jumped out. "

Friday, January 29, 2010

Times of the Essence

Time’s of the Essence

Concrete surroundings, completely entombed
Try to make it past, the impending doom

Nothing left but my thoughts
Time graciously given, not sought

Waiting for my freedom
Consuming the lack of wisdom

You’ve learned your lesson
Life’s not a simple session

It’s the price you pay
To sit in jail day after day

Think about your actions,
Your last main attractions

Or inmate for sure,
For now, but never more

Jail Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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Thursday, January 28, 2010



Once upon a time,I was alone on a train journey.
Initially,i felt tough.

But, i sang a song of my own,
To get rid of being alone,

With the aid of my ringtone!
Later,I got a friend,
To love till my end,
Who never allow my heart to bend,

Whom the God has sent !
Then only I realised,
The Journey of life.

It may be too short or long,
We may reach the destination,
Or meet with an accident
In between!

The most interesting journey,
In which,we don’t know,
What happens in the next moment,
Is nothing,but life!

Our money and property,
Wont come,till our destination!
Our eminent laptops and mobiles,

Works better,even without us!
Our beauty and pride,
Dies,even before us.

We must know the magic,
To love every moment,like a kid,
To adore,even the foe,
And to award a pleasingsmile,
For our hardships!

Has given us ticket,
Called “Birth”,
To travel in a train,
Named “Life”,
Only to love and dig every second.

But not to sit in a corner
At tuff times.
Rather,we must learn,
To smile at the trouble!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



It was my fault,
To expect my parents,
To bring me up in the way,
In which I love to live!

It was my blunder,
To expect my pets,
To play with me in the custom,
In which I prescribe them!

It was my mistake,
To expect my friends,
To share with me everything,

Which I do with them!
It was my flaw,
To expect my society,
To behave in an adjusting manner,
In which I am accustomed to!

But,now I decided,
To adjust with them all,
Not only to earn their love,
But also to know myself!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Road

Long Road

Smell of freedom still in my mind
I’ll use this time to sit back & unwind

Certainly not visible what the future will hold
I know when I get out it’s sure to be cold

I missed my birthday & surely Halloween
But I’ll be home for the thanksgiving scene

It’s only September 12, some time to go
Use my time wisely, and got some writing to show

I talked to my mother, the first time in a while
She told me she missed me and that made me smile

Can’t wait to go to her & see new things
Have a mess of sodas and grub on some wings

Jail Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

Also if you liked my creativeness check out my graphic design portfolio for some of my own awesome graphics designed in Photoshop. 

Monday, January 25, 2010



"You bloom with the sun's rays,
And looks very cute,
The bees feed on you,
As you are very sweet.

You then goes to the ,
Deep hairs of a lady.

But,you die in the eve,
As your colour and you too fade.

You cute flowers,
you were the queens of the world,
Who rules this world,
Just a day !!"

Sunday, January 24, 2010



What is this life?
Very fussy and hasty !

Human fails to splash-out,
With the astounding elegance of Nature !

What is this life ?
Very cruel and evil !

Human fails to lookafter ,
The Assets of the beloved Nature !

Alas..! Look at the destiny..!
Human are the devil ,
Who kills the Treasure of Nature,
Which gives Pleasure to them!

You Chirpy Nature,
I promise you,
I will make this Mankind,
Feel your fondness for them…!


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