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Thursday, January 28, 2010



Once upon a time,I was alone on a train journey.
Initially,i felt tough.

But, i sang a song of my own,
To get rid of being alone,

With the aid of my ringtone!
Later,I got a friend,
To love till my end,
Who never allow my heart to bend,

Whom the God has sent !
Then only I realised,
The Journey of life.

It may be too short or long,
We may reach the destination,
Or meet with an accident
In between!

The most interesting journey,
In which,we don’t know,
What happens in the next moment,
Is nothing,but life!

Our money and property,
Wont come,till our destination!
Our eminent laptops and mobiles,

Works better,even without us!
Our beauty and pride,
Dies,even before us.

We must know the magic,
To love every moment,like a kid,
To adore,even the foe,
And to award a pleasingsmile,
For our hardships!

Has given us ticket,
Called “Birth”,
To travel in a train,
Named “Life”,
Only to love and dig every second.

But not to sit in a corner
At tuff times.
Rather,we must learn,
To smile at the trouble!

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