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Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Perceptions

New Perceptions

My life today is from decisions once made
Resentment and Rejection has been long over-played

The secret to life, I've yet to find
Learned to speak the truth,
What's on my mind.

It is what it is; I've made an effort to be found,
Keep my head outa my ass, and my feet on the ground

To have many friends as never before
In some ways we all can relate
No one to judge, or even keep score

One of my newest friends is full of joy
She makes my heart flutter, better play it coy

Having her in my life today is ultimately cool
Don't do, what I used to do
Treat her with respect, don't act a fool

I'm not so accustomed to being so shy
I guess I’m intimidated to death, because she’s so fly ;)

I don't know if my heart is playing tricks
Does she feel the same way?
Or am I just bad with my picks

Either way don't lose her as a friend
My heart can be fixed, but not as easy to mend.

So many common interests, that we share
Many of the same likes
Lots more conversations to soon be paired

This girl is so special, sparkling eyes of brown
her smile itself, lifts me off the ground!

My mind twists things, could it be what it is
Can't trust my feelings they've been wrong before
Do I have a shot, or is it none of my biz

Take it slow; build a relationship that will last
Something usually skipped, don't relive the past

Arggg... why can't i get her outa my mind
Writing this corny poetry
Prettiest of smiles no need for refine.

One day at a time, let God run the show,
Things will work out, this I know!


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