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Wednesday, January 6, 2010



I write this poem in acknowledgment of my mother
The one who will always show me love like no other

She’s always been there through thick & thin
Bloods thicker than water, no matter where you've been

When everyone leaves and turns their backs
It’s time to change your ways, time to switch tracks

Ma Dukes is the one who showed me the way
She gave me a second chance, to be here today

A mothers love is something special
It has no strings and is never conditional

Never forget that no matter what you do
Your mother will always be there, to comfort you

With out her, who knows where I’d be
She showed me the door, and gave me the key

Turn the page, start a new chapter
I look forward to her love every day after

Your mother is more than a friend
She’ll be there with you until the end

A different kind of love, the love of a mother
I hope my mom knows how much I love her

Love Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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