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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dark Side

Dark Side

I hate the way you are, the way that you walk
Don’t need a reason to cut your tongue, prevent you to talk

I’m a mean mother you have no clue
I’ll bust up your mouth leave you barely to chew

You don’t know me, I’m not your friend.
My guns drawn, just around the bend

I’m the most feared foe of all
Break your knees, leave you to crawl

I’m the worst person to have around
I’ll cut off your fingers, let them lay on the ground

Just when you don’t expect anymore
I’ll slit you up, bleeding crimson on the floor

Don’t leave me a choice to mess with you
I’ll leave you in pain, and this is true

Dissect your brains, eat them like a cannibal
Can’t you see, I’m a ferocious animal

Take a minute before you judge
I’m the last person you’d want to nudge

I’ll come swinging back like a renegade
Just to cut you in half like a samurai blade.

Horror Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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