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Sunday, January 10, 2010



Sometimes I go a little ballistic
A couple notches past twisted, mad and sadistic

I swing my bat at the top of my game
Hit you in the head leave you, breathless in pain

Conscious and aware now, you reach for the phone
I break your are, feel the crack of the bone

I have to reason or shame for the attack
The room begins to spin and go black

My heart beats so hard, thumping and booming
My mind a blur, don’t know what I’m doing

Take out a knife and begin to slash
Crimson spills to the floor as I twist and thrash

Screw mind over matter, I’m crazy and psycho
The temperature of my blood, seventy below

I’ve turned into a cold blooded killer
Want to feel my wrath? Make it a thriller?

Horror Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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