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Friday, November 27, 2009

World From Afar

World From Afar

I find myself staring at a wall

Turns out it’s not much of a wall at all

It’s more like an invisible barrier

That can only be breached by letter carrier

So here I sit and wait

How many days left I contemplate

When will all the trials end

All I can do is close my eyes and pretend

Filled with rooms of over crowded people

All I can do is pray beneath the steeple

The day they come and open the door

It’s only then, the last time will I walk this floor

It will be never again for ever more

Gregory Smitheman
Short Poems

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    The Bible is our Lord’s infallible Holy Word
    Of supreme authority in one God’s law.
    Eternally existing in three persons of faith
    The Father, the Son and the Spirit without flaw.

    Jesus was conceived by the virgin named Mary
    To soldier divine majesty, grace and reward.
    He died and rose to be at the right hand of God
    As our negotiator and passage to the Lord.

    All men are lost and face God’s judgment
    Along with their need to heed to the glory of His Son.
    Who suffered the cross to save man’s soul
    And to put the angles of darkness on the run.

    Christ rose from the dead and is coming soon
    And we must have concern for the hurts and needs of all.
    Dedicating our lives to the service of our Lord
    Whose authority and divine rule becomes our call.

    We must use every means to spread the promise of grace
    Throughout our world of corruption, greed and crime.
    God always expects us to overcome our transgressions
    Testing our faith and resolve through the passage of time.

    By Tom Zart



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