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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Unwanted Outcome

Unwanted Outcome

My heart burns with an urgent desire

At the first site of her, I start to perspire

What is it about my drug of choice

Is it a party, a friend, or an instant rejoice

I’m stuck in my ways, my mind is content

every time I use, my soul to repent

Under the influence my morals are weak

The outcomes of events, no worries, often bleak

Me being sloppy leads to making wrong decisions

Family left hurt, we bleeding incisions

True friends are lost, left in the mist

Actions lead to fights, and legalities risked

Often I get lucky, time unwisely spent

Mostly spending my pay check, often the rent

I find myself miserable and grieving

Often I’ve turned to dealing or thieving

The end of every day I eventually get twisted

My spirits are down, very rarely lifted

How can I change the things that I do

Follow the 12 steps, see them through

All in all my life isn’t so bad
Could be worse, I could die from cirrhosis
Just like my DAD!

Gregory Smitheman
Short Poems

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