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Wednesday, November 25, 2009



I entrust my life to these care giving people

I look up to God, pray beneath the steeple

I read from my book “Daily Reflections”

I go to bible study, heed the suggestions

I am tired of always, waking up sick

I believe it’s my choice, which life to pick

I will not always be stuck in my ways

I would like to think, it’s not the end of days

I want to deal with my problems, drinking not the key

I don’t ever again to have my freedom taken from me

I want to regain family and Godly friends

I will try to talk to them and make amends

I don’t want to be forever on trial

I love to make people laugh and smile

I attend meetings to work on my recovery

I am hopeful everyday for a new discovery

I do my homework and complete my assignment

I will turn a new leaf and break from confinement

I am going to be the person I was once

I am tired of being a failure, the family dunce

Gregory Smitheman
Short Poems

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