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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lost Souls

Lost Souls

We must first bridge the gap of isolation
By doing so we form our future & fix decimation

Unavailing times call for desperate measures
To walk the path, uncover godly treasures

Consolidate short comings and view steps perceived
Regain morals, and trust in god believed

Admit we are powerless over our addictions
We set common goals and confront our convictions

When life’s not good & we need some sanity
We overcome thoughts to lessen the vanity

Though we find ourselves eager to be rebuilt
We must release the pain, suffering, and guilt

We seek amends in these little rooms
Gain back a lost soul this drug consumes

We continue to take a personal inventory
Relating to others, by sharing our story

Let God take over, be your higher power
For without him we struggle and eventually sour

We must believe in ourselves and that’s no lie
If we keep down this road, we’re surly to die

Just remember on thing before you go
When it comes to drugs “Just say NO”

Gregory Smitheman
Short Poems

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