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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Life I Want: Clean & Sober

The Life I Want: Clean & Sober

Yet again I’ve slipped back into a hole
Only now I must come clean and cleanse my soul

Why do I do the things that I do?
There’s no one to blame, but my disease for the brew

I’m an alcoholic and this I know
I need help, so rehab I’ll go

When I drink I’m a different person
I black out till morning, this is certain

I know my family is behind me
But getting to the point, they may disown the

I’ve been giving more than one chance
A drinking problem I have, the truth I dance

The next day I don’t remember anything
It’s guilt in my stomach, the sickness I bring

I haven’t done anything worth taking my life
I want to grow old some day, maybe kids & a wife

I’ll do whatever it takes to make this right
But please don’t make me sit in hell for one more night

I’ve turned to god many times before
Asked him for forgiveness, to settle the score

I’d give up my life to stay out of jail
My life is credit, I’d use it as bail

Please don’t make me go back again
I’m following God, my only true friend.

Sobriety Poems

By: Gregory Smitheman

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