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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Devil In Me

The Devil In Me

I want to look in the mirror and recognize my face
Don’t put me back,

in that God awful place

Send me to rehab, far, far away
Eventually to come back a changed man,
At the end of the day

I’ll never understand the department of corrections
It’s an anomostic place, 

full of miss-directions

Jail doesn’t teach you what not to do
It’s life with criminals, 

unable to construe

I’ve been blamed for things , that I’ve done
When influenced by alcohol, 

skitso I become

The devil takes over and my morals they flunk
I’m not the same person,

when I am drunk

I’ve done my research, my theories are true
I am not in control,

when the things I do

When I am sober, I put this in writing
To remember the other half, 

the battle I’m fighting

Please believe I hate this useless hack
I wish this person away, 

and never come back

How can I possible survive his wrath
I want to control it, 

take the right path

Please see through the despair and shame
Never again will I be the same

I’ve lost battles, but will win this war
To get my life back now, and forever more.

By: Gregory Smitheman

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