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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Self Reflection Poem

A Self Reflection Poem

At times I sit and ponder
And my thoughts begin to wander
I look forward with my eyes to what I see

Brooding thoughts of thunder
My heart begins to wonder
What it is that I’m supposed to be

So, I observe this world around me
And in truth it does confound me
Though my searchings fail to make things any clearer

These eyes that feed perceptions
May be skewed, and need corrections
I imagine as a step up to my mirror

Then a thought did strike upon me!
Realized sweetest irony
That what we see with we can never see

But one may use reflections
Handy tools in soul dissections
To gaze into the gaze that one calls Me

And though the vision may be backward
And its message slightly awkward
It says, “I am what I am meant to be.”

And that will have to be enough.

By Alexander Howe 

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