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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Feeble Attempt at Serenity

Feeble Attempt at Serenity

The intense light keeps me awake
Sunlight not a problem, but these are fake

Loud boisterous noises pierce my attempt
Pull the cover over, hardly a sound proof tent

In my own little land
Oblivious to what’s going on
Thinking out load pen in hand

I continue my writings pen to paper
The letters & words building a sky scraper

Use my concentrations to feed my brain
It’s the most useful method to hide my pain

For now I’m contained to this little house
Noisily I fill this paper, with ink I douse

Although on the inside played like a pawn
Once I get out, I know it’s on
To live my life free, is where I belong

Inspirational Poems
By: Gregory Smitheman

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