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Friday, February 11, 2011

His Body, Long and Lean

His Body, Long and Lean

His body, long and lean, lounged against the bar.

Smoke smoldered from his lidded eyes

He beckoned with his look --

-A piercing sear with unrequited lust.

I understood his gaze.


His legs lent themselves to touch-

Such sinuous, sensational sentinels.

I saw his jeans stretch across them and linger

Taunt and beckoning.

I understood their yearning.


What chance our encounter?

What coincidence of time and space?

What would I gain -- or loose to run his race?

To leave my world behind and bend toward his?

I understood the risk to be taken.


The muscles on his chest and arms beckoned me

Come hither, taste and savor.

Urgency evident in his stare -

- Entreated me to share

I understood the question asked.


Circumstance and happenstance

Conspired to assign our tête-à-tête.

He suggested fate had signed our meeting

and we should take the cue. I do.

And leave without him.

by: A. Gagliardi

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